QSkin Natural Ginseng Renewal and Repair Set

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QSkin Natural Ginseng Renewal and Repair Set use the four leading technologies in the world. Our essence contains American ginseng-based ingredients that visibly improve the overall appearance of the skin by enhancing tone and elasticity, while reducing dark spots & discoloration

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Natural American ginseng revitalizing Serum instantly gives you smoother, plumper skin! Our serums are made from nature's most precious ingredients. A light scent of American Ginseng, as subtle and luxurious as nature itself. American Natural American Ginseng Revitalizing Repair Essence serum is your best choice that helps repair , nourish and rejuvenate the skin and bring you a silky skin experience!

Natural American ginseng revitalizing cream repairs skin problems and works quickly! It can effectively prevent the accumulation of dark spots and improve skin radiance. The natural special formula can stimulate the skin's self-renewal, create an effective barrier to isolate environmental pollution factors, and protect the skin at all times! I American Ginseng cream is unique scientific and technological formula based on American ginseng can significantly improve the overall condition of the skin, effectively reduce dark spots, make the skin's natural tone , full of elasticity and visible firming The new formula makes Blemish Correcting Cream the first choice for daily skin care and the results can be seen!

QSkin Natural Ginseng Renewal and Repair Set contains:

  • 1x American Natural Ginseng Regenerating Serum 30ml
  • 1x American Natural Ginseng Regenerating Essence Cream 30g