La Célébrité Rose Hips Oil: 100% Organic and Safe

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  • Diminishes wrinkles and early signs of aging
  • Protects and hydrates the skin
  • Soothes sunburns and burns
  • Fades birthmarks and improves skin discoloration
  • Relieves itchiness and rash
  • Improves skin firmness, reduces dark circles, and eye bags
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The natural “Rose Hips Oil – Oil of Mosquera” is obtained from the seeds of the rare wild mountain rose that grows in the Andes Mountain of South America without the touch of men, keeping all its biological properties, high in linoleic and linolenic acids as well as vitamin C, essential for the health and skin and for the regeneration of new skin cells.

It also contains vitamin A, B3, E, F, P, Zinc, etc. to promote healing and repairing and hydrate dry or damaged hair and skin, and keep your skin scrupulously clean, soft and beautiful as mother of nature intended.

(Avoid application on oily skin and those affected by any type of acne.)

Wrinkle and Early Aging Skin:

  • To diminish visible fine liens and Wrinkle.
  • To help fight the appearance of aging.
  • To help ski cope with environmental stress and minimize the effect of free radical aging.
  • To replenish the skin balance.
  • To help maintain and protect the skin’s youthful suppleness.
  • To protect, soften and give radiance to your skin.
  • To preserve the natural glow or bloom and freshness of your skin.
  • To relax the complexion and make the tissue more supple giving skin added protection.
  • To reinforce skin’s natural collagen support.

Moisturizing and Nourishing:

  • To satisfy the most natural needs of the skin: Protection, Hydration and preservation.
  • To provide rich moisture.
  • To help your skin retain its moisture.
  • To protect moisture between your skin cells.
  • To restore essential moisture and suppleness.
  • To refine skin texture and leave skin felling supple.
  • To improve smoothness of the skin.
  • To protect epidermis.
  • To soften and nourish the skin.
  • To bring instant relief to dry chapped skin.
  • To protect the tissue by keeping them fresh and radiant
  • To supple your skin care routine.

Attenuating Scars:

  • To have quick healing effect.
  • To moisture, soften and improve the skin protection.
  • To have a softening, moisturizing effect that helps to reinforce tissue protection.
  • To regenerate tissues and cells.
  • To help reduce the eliminate the scar.
  • To revitalize the skin and add radiance to the complexion.

Sunburns and Burns:

  • To sooth, refresh, repair and heal skin.
  • To relieve inflammation and welling.
  • To have anti-redness and moisturizing elements.
  • To strengthen the capillary vessels and smoothen the skin, ensuring particular softness and lasting comfort.
  • To give the complexion an immediate soothing effect.
  • To fight external aggression.

Birth Mark:

  • To help fade and eliminate the mark.

Blackheads & Pores:

  • To rid of blackheads and clogged pores.
  • To tighten pores
  • To regulate sebum secretion.
  • To eliminate surface impurities.
  • To cleanse, soften and refresh the skin.
  • To prevent signs of breakout and permanently reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • To rid the skin of small imperfections or red patches.

Skin Problem – itchiness, rash etc.:

  • To moisturize, nourish, sooth the itchy skin.
  • To help reduce then eliminate the itchiness.
  • To clear rash.
  • To reduce then eliminate imperfect skin problems.

Skin Spots:

  • To improve skin discoloration due to aging.
  • To help fade skin discoloration and age spots on face, hands and body.
  • To intensify and enhance the skin natural defense and help maintain its radiance.
  • To regain its brightness.
  • To help prevent the formation of skin spots.
  • To help reduce then eliminate imperfect skin problem.

Skin Firming, Dark Circle, Eye bags, Lipids in Eye Lids:

  • To protect intercellular lipids.
  • To stimulate your skin.
  • To help restore firmness to weekend skin and protect it from future damage.
  • To help reduce then eliminate dark circle.
  • To refine skin texture and leave skin feeling supple.
  • To help protect skin and impart healthy look radiance.
  • To remove lipids gathering in the eye lids.

Hair Repairing and Protection:

  • To moisturize, repair and hydrate dry damaged hair.
  • To prevent hair dryness, split ends and brittleness.